Sports Activities

Stress ia a major aspect which makes us to include sports as a part of co-curricular activities, which makes every one fit physically and mentally.

With the constant support and encouragement given by the management through sports many students were got selected to JNTUA University teams for Inter University Sports competitions.

P Chandra Mohan, Chairman, BIT IT is a keen lover of sports. He was the captain of the Ball badminton and volleyball teams during his college days. The passion for the sports still continues and he encourages sports activities for the rural students and has initiated and sponsoring BIT EENADU cricket tournament at Anantapur. He has sponsored the sports paraphernalia for disabled cricket team of Anantapur. He also motivates the students of BITIT with trophies for Volleyball, Cricket, Chess, etc.

BIT Institute of Technology has facilities for Indoor games like Chess, Shuttle Badminton, Caroms and Outdoor Games like Cricket, Volley Ball, Basket Ball, Kabadi with separate court for each.

BIT cricket team has been participating in major cricket tournments throughout State